Private Equity.

Your investment horizon is long therefore your valuations need to be as comprehensive as possible.

Industry experts are critical to your investment process - from deal sourcing to the restructuring and monitoring phases. ENG connects you with relevant experts from the value chain so that you can refine your model's quantitative & qualitative assumptions.

Deal Sourcing

Strategically positioned experts can generate deal flow from target sectors and industries, based on your investment criteria.

Due Diligence

Experts in the target company's industry and supply chain will help you quickly identify key factors for deeper analysis and prepare you for meetings with management. Select experts can also conduct deeper analysis to assess operational and business factors, such as competitive threats, technological edge, supply chain health, and growth rates.

Restructuring & Monitoring

Experts provide strategic reviews to define expansion, go-to-market strategy, and operational improvements. Experts can also take executive or operating roles at your portfolio companies.

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