Hedge Funds.

Our investable universe is large and the sectors you cover are constantly evolving.

ENG experts provide perspectives into the supply chain so that you can construct your own mosaic of understanding. The types of funds that ENG works with include:


Facilitate the fundamental research process, tapping expertise across the supply chain to help identify key growth drivers and locate anomalies.

Long Only

Provide ongoing due diligence for longer term investment horizon as well as idea generation.


Assist distressed investors who must differentiate between declining industries and latent investment opportunities. Experts contribute industry-specific data points to help evaluate assets and determine liabilities that could impede recovery.


Connect you with former government and agency officials, policy experts, economists, and attorneys who provide insight into the macro environment and regulatory decision-making process so you can better assess risk.

Special Situations

Support alternative investment strategies including activist and arbitrage through project-specific due diligence and extended engagements. We specialize in locating the exact expert match as per your search criteria and arrange custom engagements ranging from short-term consulting, to long-term advisory roles and board placements.

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