INDIA GCC Advisory | Talent Management + Representation.

ENG leverages 20 + years of experience and success in helping clients globally, across all sectors, to better their businesses through expert matchmaking - the exchange of valuable insight (via 1x1 calls, Panel Discussions or In-Person Meetings & Targeted Surveys) with leading industry experts and changemakers in their respective fields. Our work with the world’s leading MNC’s, Financial Institutions, Consulting Firms and Startups provides a pulse into what is driving change and where optimization is necessary. We attack client requirements utilizing real time information versus database-driven strategies, providing the ENG Difference: Individual Attention, Relevance, Responsiveness, and Efficiency.

Building on our success in the Expert Network Industry, we have added two new capabilities to complement our existing platform:

India GCC Advisory | Talent Management + Representation

These offerings highlight ENG's core strengths while expanding market coverage and scope. The GCC and Talent Management components focus on discovery and development of future Experts, while providing global organizations advisory services on how to best leverage India and unlock significant multipliers in value.

India GCC Advisory

India's Global Capability Centers (GCCs) which house large parts of the Technology and Operations capabilities of Global MNC's are being positioned front and center in the Digitalization Roadmap of many global organizations. Getting the GCC model wrong in this cycle will be costly, time consuming, onerous to reset and will significantly impact progress against the firm’s strategic vision. The world’s talent and technology hub is India. Over the last two decades, there has been significant expansion of 1400+ multi-national companies setting up via GCC. GCCs have added tremendous value to the parent organization - from a cost, volume and scale perspective. However, with focus shifting towards digitalization and speed, companies must pivot their GCC models by:

Deleveraging the Volume Model – through investment in smart work, process simplification, intelligent automation, analytics and AI to eliminate the legacy factory model built for churning tasks and transactions through junior or external workforce

Transforming to an Equitable Value Model – focus on capabilities, agility and impact with ultimate emphasis on talent, engineering and culture

ENG GCC Advisory offers quality and experience backed support for companies looking to setup, expand or reset GCCs in India. Our leadership team doesn’t just preach, they are practitioners and leaders with strong networks, partnerships and successful track records of building high performance teams in India, Poland and the Middle East. Our end-to-end delivery experience spans:


The process of securing your first or next role is quite often arduous with generic job boards, rouge recruiters and staffing firms that often treat individuals like an indistinguishable unit, a transaction or commodity. ENG has decades of experience in identifying and matching experts for knowledge requirements from the top MNCs, Hedge, Mutual, Private and Venture funds in the world. We have focused on one guiding principle - TALENT is the asset. By extending this principle to the world of mainstream recruiting and staffing, ENG will leverage its network, experience to make the playing field more equitable for anyone searching for their next role. Our goal is to work talent to identify the best organizations and roles, while providing support, advancing development, and promoting career growth. ENG Talent Advisory will:

Identify best employer matches
Provide expert guidance and connectivity
Establish roadmap and training for future role
Present and represent talent to employer
Navigate contract and negotiation process
Offer support while adjusting to new role

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