For Experts.

Our exclusive network contains experts from all industries and along every point of the supply chain.

Including: C-level executives, doctors, researchers, distributors, resellers, suppliers, manufacturers, customers, among many others. They understand the dynamics and high-level trends of their industries, which our clients find indispensable to the due diligence process

Interactions between ENG experts and our clients include Phone Consultations, In-Person Meetings, Long/Short Term Engagements, Panelist Events, Board Placements, Field Visits as well as Deal Sourcing Arrangements.

Apply to join us - we'd like to learn more about your expertise. If there's a fit, we'll begin presenting you with as many different types of events as you deem suitable.


How we'll work together.

Receive Details on Projects in Your Area of Expertise

Speak with ENG Researcher to Determine Suitability.

Schedule Consultation Around Your Availability.

Participate in ENG Events.

Receive Compensation.


Why was I contacted?

We reached out to you because your background & experiences seem relevant for one of our clients' projects. Your ENG Research contact will speak with you about your interest and suitability for different types of events. If you weren't directly contacted by ENG, feel free to apply to our network, and we’ll reach out to learn more about your expertise.

Whom will I be speaking to?

ENG works with Hedge/Mutual Funds, Corporations, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Professional Service Firms, Investment Banks, Law, Life Sciences and Start-ups. Speaking with you helps them learn faster.

What am I expected to discuss during a consultation?

All discussions are of a general nature, and should be anchored in your experiences and observations. There should never be discussion of any confidential or proprietary information.

How long do phone calls or meetings last?

Unless discussed, please allocate one hour for the duration of the event. We’ll always schedule events around your availability.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes - by agreeing to ENG’s Terms & Conditions, you become eligible for consulting arrangements with our clients. The agreement does not restrict any current or future employment. Our relationship is ongoing but can be terminated at any time.

What about compensation?

For your time and efforts, ENG can compensate you, your company, or a charity of your choice. Speak with your ENG Research contact to discuss payment options further.


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