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Our experts support your strategic decision-making across all corporate functions:

Explore New Markets
& Geographies

Validate New
Product Ideas

Conduct M&A
Due Diligence

Study Industry

Assess New Technologies

Identify Productive & Unproductive Ideas

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ENG will connect you with custom-sourced and vetted former industry executives, subject matter experts and consultants. As your focus shifts, we shift our search criteria as well and continue to put you in front of only the most relevant experts.

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You can engage experts in various ways: Phone Consultations, In-Person Meetings, Strategic Projects, Custom Surveys, Field Visits and Panelist Events

Use Cases

Strategy / Competitive Intelligence

Monitor the competitive landscape to identify emerging threats & opportunities early. Engage seasoned executives for strategic input on market entry, product positioning, and new technologies.


Develop strategies and internal structures that drive revenue growth and create operational efficiencies. Draw on our deep pool of expertise to identify new opportunities and quickly strike down bad ideas.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Perform operational due diligence on target companies and assess targets’ industry landscape and trends. Explore synergies and adjacent market opportunities that drive successful transactions.

R&D / Product Development

Engage specialized technical expertise to evaluate and refine product ideas from conception to launch. Explore customer requirements & pain points through phone consultations or targeted B2B surveys.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Make an impact on your triple bottom line by leveraging our expertise to identify promising opportunities for improvement.


Consumer Goods

Engage seasoned CPG executives to assess market positioning, develop pricing strategies, and identify operational improvements.


Evaluate emerging retail technologies and operational improvements to drive revenue and reduce costs. Explore new markets with input from seasoned retail executives.

Travel & Leisure

Gain insight on leisure products, channels, and technologies. Identify customer preferences to develop effective marketing strategies.


Gain operational and market insights across the value chain in traditional and emerging energy markets.

Financial Services

Monitor market and regulatory risks while identifying new opportunities. Develop new financial products & services with input from end-users.

Technology, Media,
& Telecom

Develop & refine product strategy in a highly competitive environment by leveraging insights from end-users, technical specialists, and the channel. Engage experts to evaluate emerging technologies & acquisition targets.


Leverage expertise to evaluate market trends, growth opportunities, and adjacent markets, as well as identify strategic strategic acquisition targets.


Evaluate emerging automotive technologies and design trends to drive product development and marketing decisions.


Engage technical experts and end-users to identify and size markets for new chemical applications or formulations.

Public Sector

Explore private sector best practices and utilize our range of expertise to locate and execute operational improvements.

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